Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) is the UK based more than 100 years old organization. It is gaining popularity in India in the last 2-3 years. However, still confused as to why it is so important for students or qualified Indian Chartered Accountants to join ACCA.

In India ACCA students easily get placed in the Big 4s, i.e., Ernest & Young, PwC, Delloite, KPMG and multinational companies that too not only in India but abroad as well. ACCA opens avenues for jobs in 181 countries across the globe including the UK, Singapore, and UAE.

It is essential to understand the areas where the career opportunities exist for ACCA. Anyone can choose ACCA as it gives you career opportunities in:


With the involvement of international legal laws, tax regulation & compliance in the Indian Accounting standards, ACCAs have many scopes as many companies want to maintain the books of accounts as per the global accountancy standards. You have the upper hand over the local CAs as they are not specialized in international matters as ACCA is an entire qualification based on IFRS. Become a global CA.


ACCA find many options to choose management consultancy as a career as it involves implementation and operating budgetary control systems, profit planning or capital and revenue budgeting and much more exciting


It is the very crucial role in an organisation wherein the ACCA can get a better role since the curriculum of the ACCA is design in such a way that the candidate gains essential skills to be a good business analyst.


ACCAs find Auditing, as the most suitable profession for them. The auditor can take up assignments in different fields like health, IT, FMCG, or other industries. It mandatory for organisations to get themselves audited under various laws. Many times it is the social responsibility of the organisation to conduct the audit of their accounts.


You can easily choose tax consultancy as your career in the corporate world. You will need to optimise day to day tax efficiency and get involved in the tax aspects of high-level.


In any organisation treasury or cash management is a very critical division. ACCA professionals are trained and preferred in treasury since they learn the technical and essential skills to manage the liquidity of the organisation.


Sith the increasing number of accounting frauds, forensic accounting emerges as a new age career ACCA professionals are most preferred candidates for this role.


Accounting and bookkeeping is the core area wherein ACCA professionals prefer over others. They are having in-depth knowledge of IFRS and fundamentals of core accounting along with other skill-set and expertise in different

So, for what are you waiting? Join ACCA to accelerate your growth and get better career opportunities.


ACCA-Strategic Business Leadership(SBL)

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ACCA-Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

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