National Girl Child Day:- In a society like India, women are considered as liabilities. They are viewed as weaker sex whom men try to overpower to show their supremacy. Female feticides, rapes, dowry deaths have plagued the country for ages.

According to government statistics, every minute a woman gets raped, and every three minutes, a woman dies of dowry harassment in India. It is really high time now that people should STOP treating their daughters differently than sons.

National Girl Child Day
National Girl Child Day

They must understand that boys and girls are the wheels of the same chariot and in the absence of anyone the chariot will be of no use. Celebrating ‘National Girl Child Day’ is a significant step taken to aware people. It is observed on 24th January every year.

This year the theme was “Empowering girls for brighter tomorrow”. The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the discrimination faced by the girls in India and spread awareness regarding girl’s right.

In a country like India, it is essential to promote the significance of having a girl child, girl education and offering equality to them. It is crucial for any country to treat their people of both the genders equal for the development of the country and humanity as well.

Every year there are several programs organised on the state and national level to spread awareness. This year awareness campaigns regarding gender parity, increase girls ratio and creating a healthy and safe environment for girls.  There are many projects taken by the government to improve the condition of girls in society.

 Few of the major initiatives are mentioned below-

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • Women Helpline Schemes
  • UJJAWALA Programme
  • Mahila e-haat


Although the initiatives taken by the government have improved the condition of girls, a lot more needs to be done. Education is a solution which can resolve many problems which the girls are facing.

We need to educate people and spread awareness in the society then only the situation can be changed, and parity can be brought. It will make them empower and self-dependent.



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